Located in the Aiken, SC - Augusta, GA market I serve clients remotely via the internet, Skype, Google Facetime and other terrific technical tools.
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Professional Résumé Writing & Freelance Writing
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Résumé Writing and Freelance Writing Local to Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA

Why use a résumé writer?  Think of me as an interpreter:  I translate you and your experience into effective résumé language; a language it is likely you don't know. Choosing precise words and formats, I can help your résumé rise above the flood of average, uninspiring documents. 

You know about first impressions.  One opportunity.  You have a choice: obtain the help of an expert, or hope you are remarkably lucky.  You pick.

With over a decade's experience helping talented people land the interview, I have the skills that are absolutely required in today's market
where computers determine if your résumé will even be read by a human.

Let's discuss your needs.  I promise this: If I can be of real value to your job search, I will tell you so.  If I cannot, I will tell you so. Having that conversation costs nothing but a little time.  

 Does that work for you?  Works for me as well.  Click here and let's get started.

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